El Xupet Negre -«R-Kiem Tray»


El Xupet Negre -«R-Kiem Tray»

El Xupet Negre -«R-Kiem Tray»

Negrelab News: I am very happy to be able to tell you that we have a collaboration with R-Kiem Seeds! Due to my years as an artist and the trust of R-kiem Seeds, we have the PRINT available for you from February 7th as a pre sale exclusively on our website.

For this very special collaboration, I have created an original tray for Supersmoker, which will be accompanied by a collectors item by R-Kiem Seeds. We know that we are going to have a lot of demand so we advise you to reserve your print as soon as possible. Art on earth.

As said by Angel of R-Kiem Seeds,

With the name of this variety we have focused on paying tribute to “EL XUPET NEGRE”, the legendary Graffiti artist from Barcelona, ​​the forerunner of streetart and who has been delighting us with his paintings on the streets of Barcelona and the rest of the world since 1987. 

The print is completely hand made, silk screened so each one is unique.

200 disponibles

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