El Xupet Negre-“SISTAZ UNITY”-Paint on Ancient Print-Original Artwork


El Xupet Negre-“SISTAZ UNITY”-Ink on Paper-Original Artwork.  I always had the idea of ​​intervening classic works, but not the typical and topical ones. Some time ago a series of old prints of classic works came to me and I was able to carry out the project. The strong and simple stroke of the squeezer and the range of basic colors that I apply, contrast and match perfectly with the detail and brushstrokes of the classic work at the same time. Always understanding and respecting the composition of the printed work to create mine on top. The classic works of old prints are made by masters and this is my way of playing with their art, like a MixMaster Mike scratch.

The result is a work of unique style, great pictorial beauty and resounding style. Respect the teachers.

  • Squeezer and marker on ancient print.
  • 70×50 cm,
  • 2020.


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